Nathan has been writing songs & leading worship in churches around the world since he was 15 years old. To date he’s produced over 30 albums & a multitude of songs for other artists, many of which are expressions of worship. Nathan’s first full length album as a solo artist ‘Sound of a new day’ was released recently, featuring musicians from Hillsong Church, Australia, Henry Sealey of ‘Planetshakers’, Colombian worship leaders and is now available in English & Spanish.  

Click here for the current free ‘Song of the month’: www.thestirring.com/12in12

Nathan & his wife Mary Ironside recently came from Hillsong Church, in Sydney Australia where Nathan was serving as a worship leader, music director & lectured at Hillsong College. Nathan & Mary Ironside now direct and consult to several worship teams on a weekly basis (including a church of 10,000, ‘Community of Faith’ in Medellin, Colombia) and lead a ministry called ‘The Stirring’, which is the heart & ministry behind the music to see worship rise in spirit & truth … hearts alive + awake + responding now.

“We were born to worship! We want to inspire both creative musicians & people everywhere to shake off in-difference, to reject apathy, to express their worship in excellence and authenticity.” Says Nathan.

‘The Stirring’ have been touring in the USA & Colombia, South America inspiring worship in local churches and encouraging creative worshipers through ‘Worship Encounter’ events, training workshops with music teams, conferences and one on one coaching with worship leaders, songwriters, musicians and sound engineers.

The music speaks for itself! ‘Sound of a New Day’ is an epic and intimate worship journey. 16 songs that will inspire you, and serve as a wake up call to the sound of worship in your life, including the songs ‘Bravo’, ‘Your Love is Real’, ‘His Burden is Light’, and modern day hymn ‘Father of Light’.

Free samples are available on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/nathanironside
The full album is Available on itunes:

Currently ‘Nathan Ironside & The Stirring’ is releasing a ‘Free song of the month’ as part of ‘The Stirring 12in12’ -12 worship encounters in 2012, a project which involves local churches joining together around the world to host nights of worship featuring the same theme, new song, devotional and other resources produced by The Stirring.

To be involved, download the songs and watch the videos go to: www.thestirring.com/12in12

The Stirring … ?

+ Is a term used to describe the inspiring, awakening and powerful work of the Holy Spirit in a human heart.

+ Is a vision to to see hearts alive in Christ, awake on the inside, and responding now to the Holy Spirit … with passion and a life of responsive worship.

+ Is a new and growing community of ‘Creative Worshipers’, using their God given creativity & talents to boldly communicate His love, compassion & truth through every creative medium possible.

+ Is the name given to the musicians, communicators & production team that minister, tour and record with Nathan Ironside.

+ Is under the accountability and authority of a local church and an international ‘leadership council’.

For more info contact: alive@thestirring.com


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